-Every competitor must ensure that their dog does not attack another dog or competitor. If a dog becomes aggressive in the start area, the competitor is obliged to leave the start area.


-During the competition a competitor can express a request to overtake by shouting out “TRAIL”. The competitor about to be overtaken cannot oppose this request. Runners must let others know when passing and what side they will be passing on .


-The competitor must start and finish with the same dog.


-It is strictly forbidden to drag the dog. Dragging a dog is when the dog is behind the runner and the lead is stretched. It has to be admitted that, during a technical course of several kilometers, it is possible that the runner overtakes the dog, or the dog hesitates. In this case, a certain tolerance will be applied.


-Remember we are in a public park not everyone loves dogs like we do, keep yours under control and on a lead at all times.


-Competitors should move off the route if the dog needs to relieve itself.


-Always pick up after your dog – carry poop bags with you at all times.


-No runners are to run with dogs with a muzzle


-The race numbers are to be attached firmly to the front of the chest of the runner.


-In all cases the safety and health of you and your dog are paramount. If you or your dog are not active, it is advised that you or your dog should be checked out by a doctor or vet before running. The organisers are not held responsible for any accident or injury sustained during the race.


-If you have a bitch in season, please do not run her.


-Although facilities will be available, we recommend that you bring water for your dog


-If conditions or temperatures dictate the race may have to be cancelled or rearranged


-Vet on call is in emergency please phone 01376 513247


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